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We Buy Homes in Any Condition

NorCal Homes and Development is your one-stop shop for modern real estate solutions. With the view to becoming a market leader, we aim not just to facilitate home sellers, but to enhance the community. We buy homes in any condition, offering a competitive price, regardless of the size and condition of your home. Have an asking price in mind? Let us know and we will try to offer you a suitable amount, helping you get your home off your hands.

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Why Us ???

  • We buy homes in any condition. ·       
  • We provide Residential Redevelopment from modeling to rebuilding.·       
  • We buy homes in any price point.
  • We offer a competitive price for the home regardless of its size.
  • Offer the necessary help to potential buyers at no cost (documentation of income, assets, and debt).
  • Avoid paying commission to realtors.

What Our Clients Say!

“Working with Josh was a lifesaving experience for me. Not only was he FAST, EXPERIENCED, FAIR, and PROFESSIONAL, but also COMPASSIONATE. He gave me a fair price for my parents’ home that I was left to sell and carry out their last wishes. In an already difficult situation, he came in and helped me take care of the last bit of business for my family. I am so happy I found him and I would recommend him again!”

Theresa – Seller (Orangevale, CA)

“Hands down . . . the best home and development team I have ever worked with! Josh and Christy are incredibly talented and knowledgeable about the industry. They are keenly aware of neighborhood nuances and create projects that are in keeping with the architecture, history and style of the area, which resonates with both buyers and longtime residents. All of this results in quick, streamline and efficient sales with high ROIs.

Pettit G. – Realtor (Sacramento, CA)

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