3 Reasons Your Home Just Isn’t Selling

3 Reasons Your Home Just Isn’t Selling

3210 San Jose Way, Sacramento, CA 95817Have you ever found yourself in a sticky situation and the only option to overcome that obstacle is to sell your house? And to make matter worse, in this ugly situation, it takes way too long to close and get the cash you really need, or even worse, there is no one to buy your house for cash?

It has been said that, whenever a problem arrives, it comes from all directions at once. Going through a situation like this can feel overwhelming and difficult to navigate without the right support. Instead of getting overwhelmed with frustration, you have options beyond a traditional lengthy real estate transaction.

Working with Norcal Homes & Development gives you the ability to sell your home directly for cash through a fast and hassle-free transaction. This approach is extremely valuable for sellers who don’t have the luxury of time to prepare a house for sale.

For other folks who decide to list their houses for sale and take a chance on the market, we have prepared a guide below that highlights the top 10 reasons why your home may not be selling.

Outdated Appearance
If your house is reminiscent of ancient times, then you may have trouble selling in a competitive market. In fact, most buyers will glance right over your property listing unless the price is just too good to be true.

If you are looking for a fast real estate sell then curb appeal is the most impactful approach one can take. Alternatively, if you are ready to bypass planting flowers and baking cookies for your open house over the weekend and want to sell your home fast for cash, then perhaps you should consider working directly with a cash buyer.

Overpriced Listing
One of the most common issues that hinders the sell of a house is the price. Especially in hot real estate markets like the Sacramento area. Understanding what your house is worth at time of listing is critical to better understanding how to sell your house fast and easy in any real estate market.

Fixer Upper
What might be a weekend project for you, could be perceived differently from perspective buyers. Need to fix a window? No problem. Paint that wall? Easy peezy. Sheetrock the bathroom, repaint the garage, fix that tiny leak in the roof? All one day projects! But to a potential home buyer, the laundry list of items could put your house into a category called “fixer upper.”

If you find yourself in a situation where you could be ready to list your “weekend project” house, you have a couple of options you might want to think through. Option 1, Invest the time and money into fixing those items prior to listing your home. Any money you place into your home will help you sell your home a lot quicker to the right buyer. Option 2, leave your home in its current condition and sell your house for cash directly to a cash buyer, and let them do the work!

If you’re thinking about selling your house in Sacramento or the surrounding area, NorCal Homes & Development is truly committed to helping you. We focus on fast response, integrity and customer service. Norcal Homes is the preferred option when it comes to selling or buying a home.


  1. Would you be interested in our property at 2670 Fair Oaks Blvd 95864? A bargain at 899K. A long list of one-day projects is keeping us from an open listing. And we have not emptied it yet [working on it].
    Hardwood floors; huge “shop” between the house and the garage; all glass atrium, walk in double-hung closet . .
    Needs basic patch and paint; range and hood; small roof leak repair; toilet leak repair;
    Thank you for your time.

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