Butcher Block Counter Top Joy

Butcher Block Counter Top Joy


Butcher Block Counter Top Joy

In honor of handing off the keys to our 35th Street project, it only seems right that we pay homage by dedicating our first “Things We’re Obsessed With” to a project where the butcher block island stole the show.

There’s various ways people are integrating wood counter tops into their kitchens. At NorCal Homes, we like to use them as an accent on the island, adding a touch of elegance to our chic and clean kitchen designs. However, we’re also seeing people use wood counters throughout their kitchens in lieu of marble, quartz or other counter top alternatives.

The great things about butcher block-style counter tops is their versatility in installation and design. The vast array of color/stain options, edges, and grooved or smooth finishes allows wood counter tops to fit seamlessly (pun intended) in just about any application. We’re seeing them everywhere, from spacious, traditionally elegant kitchens to farmhouse inspired nooks with industrial flair.

Whether you want to add a dash of masculinity to a delicate space or if you’re looking to keep things natural and fresh, butcher block counter tops are a great option. Some builders and homeowners are opting for a built-in butcher block instead of covering an entire wood counter top or island. This is a great way to integrate the butcher block look into a kitchen without the commitment of covering an entire counter top.

The built-in butcher block contrasts beautifully against the natural veins that run through a granite slab. Personally, I love the stark juxtaposition between a gorgeous, white slab and a dark wood insert.

What do you think? Are you as obsessed with wood counter tops as we are? Do you prefer the full wood counter top or the built-in? Comment below and let us know what you think!



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