Cocktails & Deals: TOMORROW Night!

Cocktails & Deals: TOMORROW Night!

Holy guacamole!

Start up your computer and put the tequila on ice, because we’re only ONE day away from Cocktails & Deals!

The festivities are goin’ down Live on the NorCal Homes & Development Facebook Page!!


This episode’s featured cocktail will be the Jalapeno Margarita… Spicy and Fun when enjoyed in small doses (a lot like me)! 😉  If you’re over the age of 21, we’d love it if you have a drink with us! We’ll be discussing how we select finishes, from start to, well, finish.

While we’re on the air we would LOVE to hear from you! Questions and comments will be addressed live during the episode – we want you guys to be a part of the fun, too!


We hope you’ll join us tomorrow at 7:30 (pst). See you then! ?

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