DIY Planter Stands

DIY Planter Stands


Bringing The Outdoors, In With DIY Planters

We’ve talked a lot about how people are beginning to accessorize their homes with natural and rustic elements like wood and cement. One of the major things we’re starting to see is plants and greenery indoors. You don’t get much more rustic than actual plants.

Like most trends, there’s ebbs and flows and houseplants are no exception. In the early 90’s it seemed like you couldn’t walk into someone’s home without seeing plants – real or fake. When minimalism and glam started to push to the forefront, houseplants took a seat but now they’re back and more chic than ever before.

Last week we talked about all of the benefits of bringing plants, indoors… so today’s post is all about doing it in style!

You don’t have to search very hard to find a step-by-step guide giving instructions on how to build a chic and trendy planter. There are guides for farmhouse (there it is again!) inspired planters, repurposed planters (upcycled tire planter, anyone?), wooden planters, cement planters… honestly, we could do this all day.

Planter stands are all the rage right now. Everybody from Target to West Elm is carrying them. I’ve yet to pull the trigger and purchase one for myself because they can be so darn expensive! So, after searching for something affordable without any success, you can imagine how excited I was when I found a simple DIY that showed me how to build my own for less than $10.

In the tutorial, they don’t paint the wires, but I probably will. It shouldn’t be difficult to cover the stands with a coat of spray paint.

Well, without dragging this out any further, here it is:

DIY Modern Plant Stands

By Zest it Up

Here is a quickie little project that will give your patio or interiors a splash of modern cool.  I love that this is re-purposing something that tends to be in abundance by the end of summer: tomato cages.  Whether you have old rusty cages, or brightly colored powder coated ones like these, the result is a collection of stands that gives you versatility of height and some sick lines!


tomato cages

metal shears

At first, it may seem more than a little daunting to cut through the metal of these cages.  It actually is pretty darn thick.  However, if you give it a bit of a push and pull while you are cutting, the metal will snap off quicker than you would think (thank goodness…phew).

To create varied heights, simply remove the vertical wires up to the bottom circle for a tall one, and up to the middle circle for a shorter stand.

Seriously… it’s THAT easy. All you need to do now is find the perfect pots to set inside your new stands and you’re ready to start planting.

To check out the origin blog post, click the link to head to Zest It Up and read more. 🙂

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