Fake It ‘Til You Make It!

Fake It ‘Til You Make It!


How To Fake a Foyer

Since we’ve been doing things a little bit differently this week, I figure, why stop now?! So, this week’s #DIY isn’t as much about “building” something as it is “creating” it.

Entry Ways.

They’re the first impression of any building you walk into. When you walk into a restaurant and you immediately see a dirty fish tank and an old cash register, it sets a different tone than a mahogany hostess stand sitting adjacent to a custom water feature might. The same can be said for walking into someone’s home. You’re greeted at the door not just by the people that live in the residence, but also by the room that you step into. A marble-floored rotunda being gently lit by a 6-ft crystal chandelier is going to give you a different impression of a home than walking in on multi-colored shag carpet and polyester drapes would. (Boy, that was an imagine, wasn’t it?)

Some homes have a designated foyer or an entry space that in one way or another separates itself from the greater living area. However, in others, you walk directly into the family room. I’ve lived in several places where this was the case. When you walked in, you immediately stepped in next to the couch or entertainment center. As a renter at the time, I couldn’t make any major changes to the space to truly separate the entry from the entertaining area, but there were some subtle tricks that allowed me to decorate in a manner that helped to differentiate one from the other.

While researching home décor ideas, I stumbled across this article in Good Housekeeping that I wished I would have found a few years ago. They go over 10 creative, and most simple, ideas that help you create the illusion of a foyer without actually having one. Some of them are decorative, temporary changes that are great for renters, while others are a little more permanent. So, without dragging this out any longer, here it is:


10 Sneaky Ways to Fake a Foyer

Make the most of your non-existent entryway with these clever design tricks.


Reimagine Your Closet

Open up a cramped space and gain a helpful spot for extra seating by ditching the closet door. Hooks and baskets look decorative, but still provide ample storage for your stuff.

Get a Skinny Console

If your narrow hallway won’t fit the average credenza, slim down. This DIY console makes the most of a tight space by offering extra style and a place to drop your keys.

*Side Note: These things are EVERYWHERE. I recommend checking out Wayfair or Overstock.com for some trendy, affordable options.

Go Graphic

A small entryway means you can get away with a bold accent wall. Patterned wallpaper adds definition to a meager foyer and yields instant personality that might overwhelm anywhere else.

*Side Note: There are a lot of temporary wallpaper options on the market. If you’re renting or just don’t want to make the wallpaper commitment, try checking those out instead!

Add Hooks and a Bench

As long as you’ve got a place to tie your shoes and hang your coat, even the tiniest entryway will feel complete.

Don’t Dismiss Decor

With a little attention to styling, even a small console becomes a major design statement. Strategically hang a mirror to make the space feel twice as large.

Hang a Gallery Wall

Instead of placing your photos and art sporadically around the room, cluster them together. This move deliberately defines a wall as your entry, sectioning it off from the rest of an open layout.

Choose Pretty Storage

Piles near your doorway are just a fact of life. Don’t underestimate the power of a cute umbrella holder and shoe tray to make everything feel tidier and fancier.

*Side Note: This could be a great time to add some Farmhouse flair with wooden crates or whicker baskets.

Build Cubbies

A stack of bins fits easily into a skinny space. Not only do they help organize your many scarves and mittens — they also add interest to an otherwise boring wall.

Add a Pop of Color

A single accent hue gives a barely-there entryway some extra oomph, making it feel like a thoughtful, fully designed room

*Side Note: This would be a great time to integrate the Blue trend that we talked about last month!

Don’t Forget the Door

Your front door is the focal point of your entry (big or small), so treat it that way. Paint it your favorite color or deck it out with seasonal wreaths.

If you’re loving these ideas but need a little more information before you dive in, check out the original article by Good Housekeeping to see more photos and design tips! 



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