How To Sell a Home That Needs Repairs

How To Sell a Home That Needs Repairs

We sat down with the Marketing Team at ThinkBox to discuss some of the options homeowners have when they’re looking to sell their outdated or distressed property. Keep reading below to check it out! 🙂

What should you do when you need to sell your home fast, but costly repairs are needed and often extremely time consuming? Busy home sellers find themselves with very few options when navigating this situation. The available options include selling the property the way it is, making small cosmetic repairs and giving the buyer a credit to make the repairs major themselves, or focusing only on the big-ticket items and hoping you can make your money back when you sell the home.

Mentally, you might be ready to list your home for sale, but your home isn’t ready. You could be reading this article because you are in this situation and curious about your options .

We sat down with the experts at NorCal Homes & Development and got their advice on how homeowners can get the most bang for their buck.

Here are the top 3 tips for selling a home that needs repairs.

Tip Number One: Sell Your House Off-Market, As Is:

  1. Selling your home “as-is”: This means that you aren’t going to be spending the time or money making any repairs.
  2. You can call NorCal Homes and they will give you a no-obligation, all cash offer to buy your home as-is. You don’t even need to remove the stuff you don’t want, they’ll clear it out for you. By working directly with NorCal Homes instead of listing your home with a Realtor, you avoid paying commission
  3. If you decide to list your home as-is through a Realtor, there are a few things you should consider.
  1. The time your house spends on the market may be longer than you initially planned for.
  2. Depending on the scope of the repairs needed, you could potentially have to accept a lower offer.

Tip Number Two: Complete home improvements

  1. Only Repair the highest priority items: Most home buyers are okay with buying a home that needs a few cosmetic fixes. If you’re crunched for time or on a limited budget, consider putting your efforts towards the most important home improvements like rotting floors, mold, exterior paint, leaks, etc.
  2. Focus on minor cosmetic fixes: The opposite route would be to only focus on the cosmetics. Updating things like light fixtures or adding new plants to the front yard for added curb appeal may distract from the bigger ticket items that could need some work

Tip 3 Quick List of Cosmetic Upgrades to Sell Your House:

  • Improving lighting by adding fixtures
  • Updating paint to neutral colors
  • New plants and landscape

If you have questions, want to talk about all of the options available to you or are simply curious about what your house could be worth, NorCal Homes and Development would love to chat with you!

They have helped over 70 homeowners find their perfect solution in dealing with their updated, distressed or simply unwanted property.

Call us today at 916-496-5667 

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