Modern Day Butler’s Pantries – No Butler Required

Modern Day Butler’s Pantries – No Butler Required


“More Wine, James!”

… That’s what I think every time I walk past the wine fridge in the butler pantry at our East Sac project. Although the concept dates back to medieval times when food and supplies were stored in different rooms, they’re coming back in a big way. Historically, the butler’s pantry was typically where they stored things like serving utensils, silverware, and various other kitchen goods. Fast forward to the present day, and it’s where people keep their finer plates and flatware, adult beverages, etc.

Just the term “butler’s pantry” oozes affluence, but it doesn’t have to come with the high-end price tag. To make the concept come to life, all you really need is the proper space. Often times, they’re located in transitional spaces, like a hallway, between the kitchen and formal dining room. Simply add some cabinets, a counter top, and BOOM, you’ve got yourself a space that would qualify. To really take things to the next level and signify the separation of this space from other hallways throughout the house, we like to add a sink, wine fridge, and potentially another oven or dishwasher, like we did at the two East Sac projects pictured below.












It’s also a really great place to test out trends that you’re not ready to go all-in for throughout your entire kitchen. Things like gold hardware, colored cabinets, or a patterned back splash could easily find themselves at home in the walk-through pantry. For example, if you’ve always been tempted by the appearance of open shelving but are afraid it would overwhelm your kitchen, try it here like they did in the center photo below. Mirrored back splash? Go for it! Or, take it as an opportunity to really commit to your love for all things grape. ?

That’s one of the many things we LOVE about Butler’s Pantries.

They’re super customizable and allow you to be a little more expressive than you might feel comfortable being in your kitchen. Also, they’re a great way to add a touch of prestige to your home. Imagine being a buyer and you read “gourmet butler’s pantry…” in the description of a home that’s for sale. You’re going to think of the property in its entirety little differently than you did before!

What’s your favorite thing about a Butler’s Pantry? Let us know in the comments below!

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