I wanted to share our true story in my wife’s words on this #MotivationMonday

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This post has been on my heart for such a very long time and I haven’t known just how to even start…I want this to inspire anyone struggling or trying to get over any obstacle in your life right now whatever that is for you. As most of you know we develop/flip/build homes…whatever you want to call it we turn “crappy homes into happy homes”. What many of you don’t know is when we started this journey 5 years ago we were DEAD BROKE…the recession had taken a toll on our lives and to say we were struggling is putting it lightly, we were struggling to pay our rent…we borrowed money from our parents to feed our kids…we sometimes ate from the dollar menu just to make it to the next payday and the stress sometimes seemed unbearable on our marriage. What we didn’t know at the time was hard work, true sacrifices and doing something we loved would one day pay off more than we would have ever dreamed at the time! Josh and I aren’t rich but we didn’t give up and now have a life I could only have dreamed at the time was possible….if you’re reading this and struggling please know that hard work always wins! I think it’s easy to see fun pics on social media and think their life is so much better than mine but what you don’t see is everyone has arguments with their spouses, hard times with their kids, late work nights, family tragedies and heartache. If you feel like you’re ever barely holding on…HOLD on, work hard and although it’s cheesy DARE TO DREAM! 

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