#MotivationMonday: Josh on the road!

#MotivationMonday: Josh on the road!


Beginning this year, our owner, Josh, has been speaking around the country with Fortune Builders hosting Full Immersion sessions for new investors.

Josh and his partner at the time, Michael, attended a Fortune Builders Full Immersion in Sacramento back in November of 2012 and started their company, H2G. As most of you know, after a couple of years Josh and Michael decided to break off and start their own companies and NorCal Homes & Development was formed. Throughout the process, Josh never stopped being involved and giving back to the Fortune Builders community. To this day, Josh and Michael still host local monthly Mastery Meetings for Fortune Builders members to connect and learn.

As mentioned above, Josh was recently given the opportunity to be a Full Immersion speaker, and was thrilled to have the chance to travel the country, introducing new FB members to the art of real estate investing. Already this year he has been everywhere from West Hartford, Connecticut to Knoxville, Tennessee, Los Angeles to San Diego, and right here in our own backyard to Oakland and Redding, California. Josh finds tremendous fulfillment from being able to talk to and teach other entrepreneurs, but he is also grateful for the opportunity to learn from them as well! Every person has a new story and a new idea that offers a learning experience for other members in the FB community.

Fortune Builders is an awesome group to be a part of. It’s full of intelligent, motivated, and hardworking people who bring with them an abundance of knowledge and experience from all walks of life. I know when I say this I’m speaking not just for Josh but for the entire NorCal Homes Family – We are VERY fortunate to be able to be an active part of this community.

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