NorCal Homes & Development Welcome’s Our Newest Employee!!

NorCal Homes & Development Welcome’s Our Newest Employee!!

Please join us in welcoming Taylor DeBerry to the NorCal Homes & Development Team!

Taylor graduated from Sacramento State with a degree in Metropolitan Area Planning in 2012. Directly out of college, she came to work for me at Hastings Property Management. In 2014 we closed  up shop so I could focus solely on residential redevelopment, and Taylor began working for a residential/tract home developer out of their Bay Area office. Upon returning to Sacramento, she has come back to work for the Hasting’s Family, and we look forward to continuing to work toward our goals together.

Taylor will act as my Executive Assistant. Keep an eye out for her on the NorCal Homes Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook pages!

Welcome back, Taylor!!

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