One Word: that will change your life!

One Word: that will change your life!

As 2016 comes to a close, many individuals have their sights set forward on 2017.  People everywhere are thinking about what they want and need from the upcoming year. Whether it be personal, professional, or even financial aspirations being set, there are different ways we set out to reach our greater potential.

At NorCal Homes, we have been setting goals and researching methods to effectively strive toward them, while maintaining motivation as the new year powers forward. We have set out several in-house activities, including weekly meetings and individual goal trackers, to force us to “check-in” with our progress and hold us accountable. However, one of the things we are all very excited about is the book, “One Word: that will change your life” (pictured) by Jon Gordon, Dan Britton, and Jimmy Page. This will be Kevan and Taylor’s first year reading the book, but it is Josh’s third. Josh’s word for 2015 was “Lead”, and that was the year he became a Fortune Builders Coach. For 2016, his word was “Hustle”, and we have managed to take NorCal Homes from it’s infancy into what it is today.

As explained by the authors, the idea behind the book is: “Each year, resolutions are rarely kept and goals are easily forgotten. But ONE WORD sticks. By living a single word that embodies the essence of your life at this moment, you’ll find renewed purpose and meaning throughout the year…”

This Friday, we will be sitting down as a team and unveiling each of “our words” to one another. We’ve been “Hustling”  all year, and have set out the frame work for an awesome 2017! Now, we are getting together our tools and coming up with our game plan to attack the new year!

We want to hear from you!! What are you doing in preparation for 2017?

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