Paint Analysis – Some Selections Are Worth More

Paint Analysis – Some Selections Are Worth More


“Just Slap Some Paint On It”

… Okay, not literally, but you know what I mean. Everyone knows that a fresh paint job can make a huge difference in the appearance of the interior or exterior of a home. It’s pretty common for seller’s to touch-up the walls or even completely re-paint prior to listing their property. If you look around online for tips to help sell a home quickly, it won’t take very long before you find a list with the word “paint” somewhere near the top.

The other day while looking a paint trends I stumbled across a super interesting paint analysis by Zillow. They looked at 32,000 homes across the country that sold in 2017, searching for any possible trends in wall color and an increase sales price. The results of their findings are intriguing, but admittedly not too surprising. Blues, greys, taupes/oatmeals, and “greige” are subliminally catching buyers’ attention and ultimately their pocketbooks, too.

This color scheme has been popular for a while now. If you look at pictures of some of NorCal Home’s past projects, you’ll see that we’ve been a fan of it for quite some time – and we still are. We receive regular positive feedback on the interior wall color of our homes, with a fair number of people asking what the name/brand is so they can paint their own houses the same color!









I know, I know! You want to see the good stuff… THE RESULTS! Below is a breakdown of Zillow’s findings. Check out that bathroom price bump – JEEZ LOUISE!

Let’s kick things off with the Exterior:

  • “Greige” home exteriors take the cake on this one!
    • Homes painted in “greige,” a mix of light gray and beige, sold for $3,496 more than similar homes painted in a medium brown or with tan stucco.

  • Blue statement front doors!
    • For a pop of color, homes with front doors painted in shades of dark navy blue to slate gray sold for $1,514 more.

Now let’s head inside, shall we?:

  • Blue kitchens set the mood!
    • Homes with blue kitchens, often found in soft gray-blue, sold for a $1,809 premium.
  • Light Blue bathrooms rake in the green!
    • Homes with light pale blue to soft periwinkle blue bathrooms sold for $5,440 more than expected.
  • Brown living rooms are homey and profitable!
    • Turns out homes with light beige, pale taupe or oatmeal-colored living room walls sell for $1,926 more than expected.
  • Blue Bedrooms are giving buyers anything but the blues!
    • Homes with light cerulean (left) to cadet blue (right) bedroom wall colors can come with a $1,856 premium.

  • Slate Blue dining rooms are shabby chic without the shabby!
    • Homes with slate blue to pale gray blue dining rooms also sold for more money — $1,926 more on average than homes with white dining room wall colors.


So now that you know painting your bathroom blue can take your entire family to Disneyland, are you willing to give it a shot? Are you surprised by the results? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! ?

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