There are people who go their entire lives and can never say they love “what they do”. They clock-in every day, and spend the majority of their lives in a seemingly endless cycle of “work, eat, sleep, repeat”. Even if someone is fortunate enough to uncover their passion, finding the tools and gaining the knowledge to not only pursue their dreams, but to actually earn a living by doing what they love every day, seems to be just that… a dream.

Some people get excited about cars, others cooking, some maybe even writing, the thing that gets us going is Real Estate. Neighborhoods, architecture, finishes, and values… we’re into that stuff. So picture it with us for a moment…we know what we like, and we know what we want to do, but how do we make those ideas and daydreams a reality? This is where FortuneBuilders steps in. Than, Paul, Konrad, and JD understood, and more importantly shared a passion for breathing life back into the homes that have lost some (or all) of their shine. They understand the energy that tingles in your fingertips when you see a hammer going through a dining room wall or a new hardwood floor being laid in a living room. They could have kept their methods, tips, and time tested strategies to themselves and gone on doing what they love, but they decided to take it one step further and have generously shared their secrets and tools with the FB community.

Without their vision, ingenuity, and teachings of these NorCal Homes & Development would in NO WAY be what it is today. The FortuneBuilders Community has allowed us to wake up every day and work toward OUR dream, not someone else’s. Not only do we get to spend every day doing what we love, we have more time for the people we love. We are able to enjoy a quality of life that most people only ever sit in their cubicles and dream about.

NorCal Homes & Development would like to take this opportunity to personally thank Than, Paul, Konrad, JD, and everyone else at FortuneBuilders for providing us with the foundation we needed to live our lives to their fullest potential. THANK YOU!!

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