The Light Of My Li…ving Room

The Light Of My Li…ving Room


The Light Of My Li…ving Room

I know you’ve seen it, it’s everywhere: Cage lighting.

The “farmhouse-industrial-modern-chic” light fixtures fit seamlessly into just about any motif and any color scheme.

Their open design allows the room to continue to flow, unlike more traditional chandeliers and pendant lights, because you can literally see through them, prompting you to continue to look across the room. Often times you can fill them with a variety of bulbs. Try a vintage bulb that has a subtle yellow undertone for an antique look, a crisp clear bulb for a more modern spin, or an iridescent bulb for something a little more trendy.

The price of the fixtures varies from style, size and application, but there are a ton of inexpensive options online. There’s also tutorials all over Pinterest giving step-by-step instructions on how to build your own.

We’ve used the lights in some of our properties as subtle statement pieces. I know that sounds like an oxymoron, but hear me out! We prefer neutral color schemes throughout our projects, using lighter shades to compliment one another. When we add a dark, somewhat masculine fixture against the subtle background, the juxtaposition really makes the lighting pop without being overbearing. Check out some of the times we used cage lighting below.










Metal has been the most common material used to create cage-style light fixtures, but more and more we’re seeing wood take over and steal the show. The wood-dominant fixtures are perfect for farmhouse-inspired spaces and shabby-chic designs. Which style do you like better?









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