The Official NorCal Homes Blog Re-Launch Breakdown!!

The Official NorCal Homes Blog Re-Launch Breakdown!!


This post marks the Official Re-Launch of the NorCal Homes Blog – WOOHOO!!

This time around we’re focusing on all things “Home”. We’ll be discussing everything from cost-effective DIY’s to managing the mortgage process. Our goal is to be a resource for ideas and motivation, as well as an educational tool to add to your toolbox.

To make sure we cover a wide variety of topics, we’ve broken the subjects down by day. If there’s certain topics that interest you more than others, check back in on that day to see what we’re discussing.

It’s all about YOU! We want to share things that we’re seeing, learning, and loving in hopes that you can walk away with a cool new project, tips to make your home buying/selling process a little easier, or even just an entertaining read. That being said, it won’t live up to its full potential without YOUR HELP! Comment, give us feedback, as questions, tell us we suck… whatever it is, we want to hear from you! If there’s a topic you’re curious to learn more about, let us know! Email us with your ideas and/or opinions at OR simply comment below.

Here’s the breakdown of the topics we’re covering each day:

  • Monday:

    • Monday Motivation – It wouldn’t be NorCal Homes without a little #MotivationMonday! ?
    • Monday Inspiration – This is going to be our opportunity to share stories with you, both personal and second-hand, that have resonated with us.
  • Tuesday:

    • Tuesday Trend – We’re devoting Tuesday’s to talking about the trends we’re seeing in building, design, and finishes. Sometimes they vary from neighborhood-to-neighborhood, even within the same region! It’s always interesting to see how some things work great in some places but flop in others.
  • Wednesday:

    • Tricks of the Trade – How to take Real Estate photos, adding quick and budget-friendly curb appeal, creating the illusion of more space… these are just some of the topics we’ll be covering on Hump Day(s).
    • Topic of the Month – Once a month we will be discussing a topic that has been crucial or recurring to our business during said month. These topics will be guided by Josh and Christy.
      • Our CEO Josh and his wife, Christy are both considered area experts in their fields. Aside from owning and operating NorCal Homes, Josh is very involved in the real estate rehab community as a Fortune Builders mentor and coach, while Christy has been a Realtor for the past 15 years. She is a long-standing member of the Masters Club and has a keen eye for style and design, often being asked by others for her input because of her expertise.
  • Thursday:

    • DIY – Who doesn’t LOVE a good DIY?! I know we sure do! Topics will range in size and skill. Some of the projects we have already tackled, and others are on our to-do list.
    • On-Site Activities – We’ll share stories and pictures from projects as they’re happening. This will be a great way to keep up with what’s going on at NorCal.
  • Friday:

    • Things We’re Obsessed With: This will be a mash up of topics. Sometimes we’ll talk about specific lighting or décor, other times it could be landscaping trends that get us (aka Kevan) excited, a weekend project that we’re stoked to take on and everything in between.

Every now and again we’ll switch things up and throw in some fun, out-of-the-norm content but these are the themes you can count on.


Comment or shoot Taylor an email and let us know what you think!

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