Things We’re Obsessed With: FREEDOM EDITION

Things We’re Obsessed With: FREEDOM EDITION


Let Your Freedom Flag Fly

4th of July is next week and this office could not be more excited! Sunshine, good friends and yummy food compliment the predestined adult beverage consumption, perfectly.

The same pride we take in each of our projects, we also take in our country. You’ll notice we put a flag on every single one of our homes! So, we plan to celebrate our independence with a healthy dose of RED, WHITE, and BLUE!

Here are some fun treats and crafts that we are obsessed with for our 4th of July parties! Check it out ?

Let’s kick things off with this super cute American Flag Fruit Tray.

The image is pretty self-explanatory. Just toss some blueberries in a bowl for your “starts” and alternate rows of fresh strawberries and yogurt covered pretzels on a tray. That’s it, and you’ve got a festive – and delicious – display.

Next are these, once again, super simple Freedom-Inspired ice cubes!

Just toss some raspberries, strawberries, and blueberries into your ice tray prior to freezing and when you pull them out – BOOM – Ice cubes, America-style! Try them in sparkling water, lemonade, or the adult beverage of your choosing.

Finally, American Flag Ring Toss.

This is pretty darn cool. You can simply stick some yard flags in the ground, grab a couple of hula hoops, and you’re ready to start playing! For a little added flair, some people wrap the hula hoops in red and blue duct tape. If you’re not sure you want to play with real flags, you can simply get some wooden dowels and paint them the 3 (most) patriotic colors (on the planet) and the game will play just the same.

If you integrate any of these ideas into your 4th of July festivities, snap a pic and send it to us! Tag us on IG or email them to and we’ll feature them on our IG page.

Happy 4th of July, everyone!!

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