What’s Trending at NorCal

What’s Trending at NorCal


Trending at NorCal

For this week’s Tuesday Trend we’ve decided to mix things up a little! Instead of talking about some of the trends we’re seeing around town or in our day-to-day research, we’ll be talking about things we do/use.

On our Instagram page, there’s certain questions we get on a regular basis. Specifically, we get a lot of people who want know about what flooring we use and what colors we paint the walls – things along those lines – so here’s a brief list (with photos) of some of our favorite finishes! ?

Let’s kick things off with a favorite amongst buyers, decorators and other investors: Flooring. Our go-to floors for the main living spaces is this engineered hardwood by Woodland Reserve.

It’s Montpelliar Oak and can be found at Floor & Décor

Our next big hitter, like mentioned above, is the wall color. We love Colonnade Gray by Sherwin Williams. Combine the gray walls with the engineered hardwood floors and white baseboards to create our look.

The two together create a wonderfully versatile canvas for you to design the interior or your dreams.

Recently, we’ve been getting a lot of comments and inquiries into some of our bathroom floors. Most commonly people ask about these Gray Wood Plank tiles bad boys by Birch Forest

These porcelain tiles are laid in a herringbone pattern, creating a chic and subtly playful base for an elegant room. You can do this with any rectangular tile to create this look.

Right now we’re going back and forth between two different vanity styles that are also gaining a lot of attention. Framed and unframed. We like to float our sconces in the mirror, but that’s just a matter of preference.


These are just a few of the specific questions we get asked on a regular basis. Is there anything else you would like to see broken down in the next post? Let us know in the comment section below!

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