White Countertops Are Anything But Boring

White Countertops Are Anything But Boring


White Countertops: We Can’t Get Enough

It’s no secret that at NorCal Homes, we love white countertops. They’re versatile and perfect for brightening up a room. Much like white paint, white countertops are great for making a small space look bigger or helping to keep a large space from looking too busy.

They pair nicely with light or dark cabinets, making them easy to integrate into a variety of décors and themes. As the farmhouse décor (I know, I’m bringing it up AGAIN) continues to increase in popularity, we’re beginning to see them more and more. We put them in the majority of our projects, pairing them countertops with Quaker-style cabinets for a traditional-chic look. Cabinet styles are seemingly never ending… to break that down would require a new blog post and another day.

But back to the reason we’re here – White countertops!

They contrast beautifully with everything from butcherblock counters (another NorCal favorite) to gold hardware. Juxtapose them against dark walls for a vibrant contrast or pair them with a matching white backsplash to keep things clean and sleek.

There are so many types of countertops, it could make your head spin! The most common are granite and quartz, both of which have an abundance of white options. Corian is also a popular, more affordable option.

Whether it’s in a kitchen, bathroom, butler’s pantry or a buffet, white countertops are sure to be a hit!

What do you think about the white countertop trend? Would you put them in your home or will you keep things more traditional?


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