Built-In Buffets Are An Entertainers Dream!

Built-In Buffets Are An Entertainers Dream!


Buffets: Versatile. Efficient. Chic.


With the Summer season in full swing, it seems I’m spending as much time searching for appetizers and cocktails as I am cleaning my kitchen after I make them. With the constant snack-and-go as children (and adults) run in and out of the house, from the pool to the snacks, I have become increasingly thankful for my built-in buffet. I can prep my dish on the counter and set it out on the buffet, keeping foot traffic and sticky fingers away from the food prep (and cleaning).

I began researching online different ways people utilize their buffets when they’re not feeding a very small and silly army. Unlike the Butler’s Pantries we talked about a few weeks ago, buffets are often front and center in the kitchen or living room… we want them to be cute!

From coffee bars to wine bars, or a Restoration Hardware-inspired china display, the creativity of the interest has, yet again, surpassed my expectations. Some people are simply taking advantage of their extra storage by turning it into a multi-purpose place to store extra linens and display photos and artwork.


The main photo on this post is a picture of the buffet we installed at one of our East Sac projects near Sacramento State University. Everyone from young professionals to older couples loved the idea of having a place where they can display family photos, store additional pots and pans and lay out dishes when they’re entertaining. Adding the TV hook-ups above the buffet made this space even more ideal for entertaining. Or, if you’re the chef in your house, it makes long days spent in the kitchen a little more lively.

We’re obsessed with buffets! If you’re thinking you’d like to have one but don’t want to go to the trouble and commitment of having one built-in, there are thousands of free-standing options available online. Do you love them as much as we do? Let us know! 🙂

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