Natural Wood Accents: Where Rustic Meets Modern

Natural Wood Accents: Where Rustic Meets Modern


Where Rustic Meets Modern:

An unlikely pair that continues calling each other back.


Natural wood accents have been a sleeping trend for some time now. Slowly watching, waiting and making the occasional, glorious appearance from time to time. However, recently it’s starting to pop up more and more.

Interior or exterior, it doesn’t matter, wood is making a comeback- And. We. Love. It! 

*heart eyes*

Wood paneling was BIG in the 50’s and 60’s and like most trends, it’s coming back around, but this time it has a bit of a modern twist (thank goodness)! Paneling used to go one the floors, the walls, and the ceiling… all in the same room. Fast forward to 2018 and builders/designers are adding accents as trim around windows, molding, and sporadically throughout the home.












It’s interesting to note that often times when we’re seeing wood, it’s in an otherwise neutral, sometimes even borderline sterile looking environment. At NorCal Homes it’s no secret that we love grays, whites, and other soft neutral colors. We started by adding butcher blocks to some of our kitchens (see: Butcher Block Counter Top Joy), then we started staining stairway handrails in lieu of painting them and most recently, we installed this awesome bare wood accent to the front porch of a home in East Sac (below).








The juxtaposition of rustic and modern is taking over the design world. Remember when the wood walls first started popping up? You couldn’t hardly step foot into a building without seeing one. Then when “Farmhouse Interiors” came onto the scene, I’m pretty sure the wood industry threw a party at The Four Seasons. That same previous-era style paneling started going up in homes across the nation. Granted, this time it was only the walls, or only the ceiling, etc. and the wood is often being painted or whitewashed.


Wood accents aren’t only reserved for finishes, many people are using furniture to add rustic flair to their homes without the commitment of and entire wall/countertop/



What do you think? Will you give wood finishes a try or are you more comfortable sticking with wood décor? Let us know in the comment section below! ?



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